Preparation, Cooking and Finishing of Poultry Dishes 2

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Preparation, Cooking and Finishing of Poultry Dishes

A Report Researched to the Faculty of the School
Of Hospitality Management

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

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Mr. Toribio Villanueva

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Unit 19: Preparation, Cooking and Finishing of Poultry Dishes Know how to cook poultry for basic dishes (19.2.0)
A. State the correct temperature for cooking poultry
The correct temperature for cooking poultry is needed to ensure that poultry reaches to a safe minimum internal temperature. The types of poultry such as chicken, duck and turkey requires a certain temperature in order to destroy harmful bacteria. It needs at least 165F (74C) to be cooked until juices run clear and leg moves easily.

B. State healthy eating considerations when cooking poultry There are a lot of cooking methods used such as grilling, boiling, baking, steaming and poaching in order to provide healthy eating considerations. In terms of grilling, it involves an amount of radiant heat and tends to be cooked quickly. Boiling involves when water is heated to its boiling point by surrounding pressure. Baking involves normally cooked in an oven and it is a dry heating method. Then cooking method of steaming is mostly considered a healthy cooking technique. It works by boiling water continuously causing it to vaporize into steam while cooking the heated food on top. Poaching involves simmering any kind of liquid in food. When cooking the fats, it is best to use low fat oil, olive oil or spray oils. There are ways in order to create a healthy eating recipe which will reduce the fat, sugar or calories with healthy substitute ingredients. Ingredients used such as skimmed milk, low fat cheese, yogurt, sugar substitutes, olive oil/polyunsaturated fats and low salt. Alternative cooking methods involve grilling, poaching, steaming and microwaving certain foods. Placing small portions of food will help gauge the amount of food and control the portions that is served with no added colorings, flavorings or preservatives. The accommodating key features will aid the less fat content, the lower cholesterol and decrease the calories.

Know how to finish poultry for basic dishes (19.3.0)

C. Describe the correct finishing methods for poultry dishes The importance of finishing the dishes involves mostly portioning the food. Firstly, the usage of portioning will make the food more visually appealing and will benefit a healthy eating system. Secondly, in order to finish a dish, it implicates garnishing. Garnishing a dish will make it more presentable and appealing to the eyes such as sprig of rosemary or parsley. It benefits greatly also with the finishing sauces that gives texture and taste to a certain dish. It can be bread, mornay, tomato, honey mustard or white sauce in the poultry dishes. The most common accompaniments are served with a slice of lemon or a cranberry.

D. State the importance of correctly finishing dishes for service The importance of finishing dishes will increase customer satisfaction and its organizational standards. By giving a finish, presentable and garnishing dish will benefit the customer in a positive approach and the reputation of the organization will be going well and ongoing. It shows professionalism and appearance of the business.

E. State the how to check poultry dishes have met finishing requirements In order to check poultry dishes that have met finishing requirements is mandatory. It involves the flavor of the dish by looking its freshness and the correct cooking method of its dish if it is done correctly. The finishing sauce and accompaniments will make the dish have a delicate flavor and style. It will mark the way of its seasoning, consistency and texture of the art of the dish.

F. State the correct temperature of holding and serving poultry dishes The correct temperature of holding and serving poultry dishes are...
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