The Impact of Location of Hotels on the Employees’ Service Performance

Topics: Focus group, Hotel, Qualitative research Pages: 9 (3368 words) Published: May 30, 2013
The Impact of Location of Hotels on the Employees’ Service Performance Jing Lu

0626.755.90/0625.790.70: Graduate Writing and Research
Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Applied Sciences and Technology
Feb 26, 2012

This research proposal is conducted in Rochester, aiming to explore the impact of the location of hotels on employees’ service performance. Quantitative and qualitative data are collected through questionnaires (quantitative instrument), and focus group interviews (qualitative instrument). In addition, descriptive statistic and content analysis techniques are used for analyzing data. Employees from the different departments of the hotels are respectively recruited through cluster random sampling and accidental random sampling techniques.

Employees are one of the most important factors of operating a successful hospitality business, even the main drivers of competitive advantages in the hotel industry. So having a high quality of employees’ service performance can increase the likelihood of success for a hotel. Service performance can attract customers while driving them away. The employees are brush-off, coldness, unfriendly, condescending. They are inevitable in a bad business. Customers are asking for much higher standard of service performance in hotels. Employees’ service can be affected by many external factors, such as the work environment. So, hotels are looking for the information about how employees perceive the environment they work in. However, few hotels have taken the research on a special angle which is the location of hotels. Some hotels are located in downtown or urban district, some are located in remote and isolated suburban district. The location is related to the employees’ daily work, because they have to take the time on transportation to the workplace and work an environment where the hotel located. The location affects the employees’ mood and energy of work which resulting in service performance. How does the location of hotels affect employees’ service? What impacts of the different locations are? How to reduce the risk produced by the location of hotels to encourage the employees to provide a high level service to the customers? These questions will be investigated in this study. There are a lot of studies related to the employees’ work environment. For hospitality organizations located in remote or isolated settings, there is a practical issue on the selection and utilization of employees in a limited social environment. Some studies have indicated the importance of the social aspects of a job as a major component of job satisfaction (Diaz, P. E., & Park, J. 1992). According to Kaplan (1983) that most of the research on person-environment has focused on individual differences rather than basic processes. While this focus is important, it accounts for only approximately 5% of the variance found in person-environment studies (Pizam, A., & Neumann, Y. 1988). There is another study conducted by Gunderson and Ryman’s (1971) showed that irritability, depression, or anxiety for even a few employees can become a serious threat to group harmony and solidarity. Acute disturbances of the normal personality can occur, and motivation can be profoundly affected (Gunderson, E. K. E,. & Nelson, P. D. 1966). It is necessary to maintain a positive emotion and mutual support in order to sustain the efficient work efficiency (Wang, R. 2008). However, previous studies were mostly focused on the impact of social environment on employees’ negative work performance. This present study will be in-depth investigated the employees’ opinions on the location of their workplaces through comparison between two types of locations. What the most important is that how to ease the problem of the isolated environment to encourage the employees to increase the passion of the work, providing a better quality of service performance to the customers. The purpose...
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