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Professor M. Albarran

Foundations of Hotel Management:
HMT 320
DeVry University

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Mabel Diaz

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Table of Contents

Geographic Location and AttractivenessPg. 4
Target Market Pg. 4-5
Details, Description, and AmenitiesPg. 5-6
Selection of RoomsPg. 7
Revenue and Occupancy DataPg. 8
Hotel Management and Departments Pg.9-10
SecurityPg. 11
Market CompetitionPg. 11
Marketing PlanPg. 12
ConclusionPg. 12
ReferencesPg. 13


The Marbelious Hotel & Spa creation and development will make a difference in the hospitality market. Making sure guests receive the best treat will attract new guests to experience our exquisite amenities. Marbelious will consist of 350 rooms; with different types of settings consisting of specific touches that will enhance each guest experience. Its location will be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This location will embrace the hot weather and its beautiful beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy an unforgettable time. Franchising was not an option for two of its disadvantages: (1) lack of authority, (2) The franchisee is obliged to meet the franchisor’s standards. With a hotel of this kind franchising could lack some of the great ideas, policy and procedures to be implemented: creating an innovative and unique stay. The primary target market will be a mix of leisure and business travelers which with each specific purpose for their visit will also have the time to enjoy our facility. The amenities provided will include having an onsite spa pampering those who to need to relax; it will also include pools for kids and adults, a convenient store, restaurants, buffet, bar and lounge and a theater for night shows. Not only we will ensure guests satisfaction, but making sure everyone is secure and by that taking all the necessary steps to protect everyone staying in Marbelious. Even though it can be very a very competitive market for its location Marbelious will surpass all expectations by being an all-inclusive hotel. Its attractiveness will also be in contact with people who are friendly and service oriented, making of Marbelious a great place to be.

Geographic Location and Attractiveness
The location selected for Marbelious will be Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; this location is known for attracting leisure travelers and their families. Punta Cana’s most convenient attraction is having its own airport, which is close to all hotels including Marbelious. As for the history of Punta Cana, Higuey was the name of one of the “cacigazgos”, the divisions similar to provinces laid out by the Taino Indians. The name Higuey means sunlight in the Taino language, probably named for being the location where the day’s first rays of sunshine hit the island. Punta Cana has been known for its beautiful and hot beaches that make tourists fall in love and wanting to visit again over and over.

Target Market
Our target market will cover national and international baby boomers and their families, those who love and enjoy quality time together with love ones. Our target market was not only identified international, because like in many other countries Dominicans also enjoy visiting other part of their territory where they could enjoy with family and friends. As Caribbean Dominicans enjoy the beach, sun and music, and by having a hotel like Marbelious we can ensure to have a high demand with nationals. On the other hand those who love to have adventurous and new experiences as people from colder countries (USA, Europe and Canada) enjoy visiting places where they could enjoy a hotter weather and get a tan. By properly advertising and offering amenities and providing the best service we can ensure our target market the...
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