Hotel Feasibility Study Report

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Feasibility Study Report
Feasibility Study Report

Executive Summary
Docklands depend on its convenient transportation, advantageous geographic, pleasant climate location; have to develop into one of the most usefulness areas of Melbourne. The dockland is the location both meaningful for traveling and investment. Previously, hotel can only cater for people’s accommodation need. Now the hotel has been changed to be a comprehensiveness establishment which is includes accommodation, restaurant, bar, and conference services.

Table of Content
A. Introduction--------------------------------------------------------4 B. Current supply & demand levels--------------------------------5-9 C. Future supply & demand levels---------------------------------9-14 D. Site evaluation----------------------------------------------------15-23 E. Proposed product-----------------------------------------------24-30 F. Room rate & occupancy projections-------------------------31-35 G. Financial study--------------------------------------------------35-38 H. Recommendation for the investor-----------------------------39 I. Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------40-42 J. Reference----------------------------------------------------------41-43

A. Introduction
Feasibility study is being widely used among today’s business operators. A good feasibility study report could provide the owner’s rich details of the current, future and potential market and various details on the preferences and the demographic knowledge of their consumer forces. Feasibility study report also provides the knowledge of the competitors and limitations from the government police. It could show the reader a complete understanding of the new business and a clear analysis of the business will face in the targeted area. In the following report, it will illustrate the feasibility study of Royal Docklands Hotel in Dockland, Melbourne through the market supply and demand, target segments, proposed production, room rate, financial analysis and recommendations.

B. Current supply & demand levels

* Docklands is the developing areas, currently, there are few hotels in different type exists in Docklands. For example, accommodation star dockland is the apartment hotel in docklands. In terms of the hotel we want to build, it is a modern business hotel. Firstly, the currently hotel supply the hospitality product shift to the group of tourist, and we try to satisfy the lack of the type of business hotel. Secondly, docklands is the renewal urban area; the outside facilities condition could get the help from the government project. Thirdly, demand level increasing in this area rapidly, Docklands doubles the number of the population in the last 10 years. Based on the prospect of the development, Dockland currently attract the Myers shopping center, ANZ, channel 7, and Bendigo bank selected their headquarters in, and keeping the step to offer the chance for the inverts. However, the demand level is obvious increasing in Docklands and the supply level almost have not change. * Analysis of Competitors

* Primary competitors have the similarity of our project a cost advantage, lastly to obtain the product differentiation also have total of room, average price. The table show has illustrated the available rooms in each primary competitor hotel, and the number of room sold. We find 4hotel to find the different; also we can find the total room available is 758,328.00. Room night sold by market segment total is547, 376 .At the same time, it can find that the ability of purchase in Hilton is most, other competitor has the similar occupancy around 65% to 75%. So it easy get conclusion Hilton is our great competitive for our hotel. Also Hilton hotel is international hotel have many years history. Always people travel from oversea first chose....
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