Self-Modification Proposal

Topics: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Extinction Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Self-Modification Proposal
I. Problem and Goals
a. Procrastinating, waiting until the last possible second to do something, on everything (home work, chores, etc.) this results in loss of sleep, stress, and eventually poor grades. b. Behavioral excess- taking too much time before getting stuff done. c. When there is work, or some other unfavorable activity, to be done, take the initiative to actually do it right away, rather than waiting until later. d. As a sub-goal, accomplish this criterion as well as eliminating distractions while doing work. e. The primary method will be operant conditioning.

II. Commitment to Change
a. Positive reinforcers: better grades because more time is spent on school work (it is less rushed) covert conditioning- feel much more relaxed and at ease, much more peaceful way of thinking; negative reinforcers: stress is removed; negative punishment: removal of electronics (i.e. laptop, television, etc.). b. Make colorful, convenient notes mentioning work that needs to be done, strategically placed near frequent distractions (mouse pad of laptop, near phone charger). c. Friends, sister, parents.

d. Weekend trips will take focus from S-dees and add to S-deltas. Set reminders on cell phone so it’s constant.

III. Baseline Data
a. Record times of when doing work on a graph, along with recording duration and number of times distracted from work in a separate table. b. S-dees: time of day, or rather time until work is due, sight of work; S-deltas: fatigue, television or other distractions, friends call. c. Still receiving decent grades, haven’t crashed from exhaustion yet (procrastination indirectly causes loss of sleep).

IV. Design a Program
1a. When at home, set out notes saying to do work and a designated time (example: do essay!! 8:00) be sure to use the same time every time, though the assignment may change. 1b. Rule: Do not get on...
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