Scripted Services

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  • Published : September 15, 2010
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1.) In my opinion, scripted service speech and behavior are best described by the scientific management approach. The scientific method recommends studying and testing different work techniques to recognize the best, most efficient ways to complete a job. The four principles on which scientific management is based on are listed below a. Study each element of work to determine the “one best way” to do it. b. Scientifically select, train, teach and develop workers to reach their full potential. c. Cooperate with employees to ensure implementation of the scientific principles. d. Divide the work and the responsibility equally between management and workers. Scientific method focuses on improving the efficiency of manufacturing facilities and their workers. Scripted service speech and scripted employee behavior is developed by studying response and behavioral reactions of a target audience. In these observational experiments, it is necessary to create a similar environment and record positive and negative behaviors to draw a favorable conclusion. To maintain competitive advantage, these practices need constant improvement by developing, analyzing and implementing efficient results.

2.) Yes, I do implement a customer encounter script at my bakery. Human behavior is often influenced by social norms. Whether good or bad, attitudes, body language, communication skills can all be perceived differently by different individuals. In a consumer based business environment it is critical for the business owner to be able to meet the needs of almost every client who walks in. From the moment the client enters the door, walks through the process of making a selection and having his need met promptly while feeling valued and appreciated would be an ideal environment. In order for me to be able to create that ideal environment, I would implement a scripted speech and expect scripted behavior from my associates. As a manager, I have come to understood...
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