Psy265 Week Seven Assignment

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Sexuality at Different Life Stages
Florence C. Okonkwo
January 20, 2013
Professor Pamela Reeves

This paper will outline sexuality at different life stages, and as a sexual therapist I will coach an adolescent girl with a boyfriend who is pressuring her to have sex; an elderly couple with a wife exhibiting a renewed interest in sexual activity and a unwilling husband; and finally a handicapped male that has been paralyzed since he was four years old.

Sexuality at Different Life Stages
Finally, I have completed the University of Phoenix, School of Psychology with my PSYD and I have completed my internship at East End Academy. The first month of opening my own practice as a sex therapist I had three interesting cases; an adolescent female, an elderly couple and a disabled person. I will outline each case for publishing in the American Psychological Association. Adolescent Female - Anna

I. Adolescent Girl
A. Boyfriend is older than she is
B. Pressuring her to have sex with him
1. Parents concerns
2. Anna concerns of how her parents feel about the older young man 3. Statutory Rape
II. Consequences of having sex with older young man
A. Diseases and Teen Pregnancy
1. Sexual Transmitted Diseases
2. Pregnancy
3. Not Mentally or Emotionally Mature
III. Six Steps to Decision Making/Problem Solving with Teens (Smith, Ph.D., 1. Identifying and defining the problem. Consider what an optimal outcome or goal might be. 2. List possible options/alternatives.

3. Evaluate the options
4. Choose one option
5. Make a plan and do it
6. Evaluate the problem and solution
Coaching Anna I gave her a clear outline of what things she may encounter if she gives into her boyfriend wishes. I would coach her on abstinence and anyone that could not wait until she was...
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