Drug Testing in the Workplace

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Drug Testing in the Workplace
Thesis statement: Administering a drug and alcohol policy can be challenging, but it can also be beneficial to the manufacturing company. I. Administering a drug and alcohol policy can be challenging. A. The company must comply with State and Federal laws when administering the drug and alcohol policy. B. The company must make sure the implementation of the test is done in a uniform manner. C. Some employees may bring law suits against the employer for a variety of violations. D. Employers have to pay a collection site to administer the test and have the specimen sent to a laboratory for certification II. The company may incur many costs that have been associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. A. Drug or alcohol use can cause accidents in the workplace, which costs the company a lot of time and money. B. Drug or alcohol use can create a decrease in productivity due to tardiness, leaving early, and absenteeism. III. The benefit of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is much greater than the challenges. A. The company will save a lot of money if they reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. B. The company will increase productivity if employees are present at work and can perform job duties effectively and efficiently. C. An employee who suffers from drug or alcohol abuse can seek help from the company’s Employee Assistance Program.

Ruth White
Professor Rouse
Composition I
29 Nov. 2010
Drug Testing In the Workplace
The recent, economic decline has increased competition in the manufacturing industry. It has become more important than ever before, to be as productive and cost effective as possible and to attract and maintain quality individuals for employment. For an employer, this means looking at all avenues of cost savings by focusing on the issues that will give the most savings, such as administering a drug and alcohol policy. Administering a drug and alcohol policy can...
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