Salesforce Case Study: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

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Developing a Web Site Privacy Policy
Dirt Bikes’s management wants to make sure it has policies and g p procedures in place to protect the privacy of visitors to its Web site. You have been asked to develop Dirt Bikes’s Web site privacy policy. The TRUSTe Web it t URL Th TRUST W b site at h M d l P i t t has Model Privacy Disclosures in its Privacy Resources that you can download and review to help you draft Dirt Bikes’s privacy policy. You can also examine specific companies’ privacy policies by companies searching for Web site privacy policies on Yahoo!, Google or another search engine. Prepare a report for management that addresses the following g g issues shown on the following slides:

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Tutorial 5

Running Case Solution
1. How much data should Dirt Bikes collect on visitors to its Web site, and why that data? What information could it find out by tracking their activities at its Web site? What value would this information provide the company? What are the privacy problems raised by collecting such data? 2.

Running Case Solution
Should Dirt Bike use cookies? What are the advantages of using cookies for both Dirt Bikes and its Web site visitors? What privacy issues do they create for Dirt Bikes?

DB could benefit from using its Web site to learn more about its customer’s tastes and interests. The Web site could collect information such as visitors’ age, location, marital status, occupation, income level, hobbies, and specific motorcycle i t t t ti i l l h bbi d ifi t l interests (i l di why t (including h they might purchase a motorcycle and how they would use it—races, transportation, joining a motorcycle group). Such information will help DB to know the types of p p interested p yp people in its products and how it can communicate to them, create more targeted and personalized advertising and even affect DB’s plans for the future, including designing new products to better fit their interests. If DB collects such personal data through its Web site site, privacy problems would arise if DB tried to share that information with other companies without the knowledge and explicit consent of the Web site visitors. The company would have to state clearly its privacy policy and then carefully follow that policy in order to avoid privacy problems. Otherwise many visitors might find themselves inundated by advertisements from DB and from any other companies with which DB might have shared the information. It could even cause DB to lose sales and its good reputation.

Cookies could be very useful for both DB and visitors to its site site. The visitors would find their return to DB’s site easier and more personal, while DB could use the cookie data to provide to them with information of greatest interest to them. Moreover it might induce visitors returning more often. However, Web site visitor information collected from cookies could be misused by DB and by companies the collect that data, creating problems for both the visitor and for DB’s reputation reputation.



Running Case Solution
3. Should Dirt Bikes join an organization such as TRUSTe to certify it has adopted approved privacy practices? Why or why not? 4.

Running Case Solution
Should Dirt Bikes design its site so that it conforms to P3P standards? Why or why not?

Joining TRUSTe or other such organizations can only help DB because many of its site visitors may want to see their privacy protected. On the other hand many visitors would not care, and in any case few will notice the certification, so that its impact would probably be minor. Also many organizations such as TRUSTe are not necessarily diligent in enforcing its standards. One real question for DB is how important is it to DB management and employees that they help protect individual privacy regardless of its minor affect on DB’s business A search of the Internet will DB s business. highlight several other organizations. The real...
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