It/205 Week 4 Internet and Technology

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  • Published : August 9, 2012
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Benefits of Using The Internet Tools and Technoloy at Dirt Bikes Sandra Brown
John McGowan
July 14, 2012
Benefits of Using The Internet and Technology At Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes had been spending thousands of dollars in cost on communicating with people inside and outside the organization to obtain information about the developments in the motorcycle industry and the global community. I investigated and found that the company will save an average of 75% simpy by investing in Information Systems. Dirt Bikes can benefit signifinatly by providing its staff members with intranet. Networking and Communication has continued to be an important trend in the Dirt Bike business. Advancement to wireless access has also become one of the most important tools to the staff at Dirt Bike. By add intranet Dirt Bikes will save on labor cost, money spent on communicating and obtain important information more efficiently. The new improvements will also save on operating cost for the company. The employees will be much more productive with the fast speed of communication with the Internet and knowledge of products and services at their finger tips. Dirt Bikes already provides Internet service for all of the employees with desktop computers. Now thanks to intranet the employees without desktop computers have access to the internet with handheld intranets. Dirt Bikes has to add WiFi to support the wireless devices and Internet access. Intranet will help human resources a great deal. The intranet comes along with chat rooms, blogs and wikis to make it easier for the employess to find and share information to become an expert on motorcycles. Human resource can run ads for hiring and use intranet for for training and retaining employees. All the information new employees need to build the motorcycle, sale parts or purchase supplies can be found by using the intranet. Adding the new technology improved customer service and efficiency for all of the employees at Dirts...
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