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How to Properly Analyze a Web Page

At the click of a button, a person is able to search the internet for what he or she needs. In the past 25 years, the internet has hit the largest boom that has yet to be seen on planet earth. The internet is a handy tool that allows a person to access any information he or she desires effortlessly, with little to no cost, depending upon what the person is looking for. The key to using the internet is to understand its purpose and what the site is trying to provide. Not everything that is on the web is legit or trustworthy; this is why it is important to really analyze the website thoroughly before taking too many actions. In today’s paper, I will be analyzing a specific web page and discussing my findings. I will also be discussing the value and relevance of this site to clients or human services agencies.

How to Evaluate a Website

According to Widener University, there are different ways to evaluate a website. “When evaluating a website, a person should check for: authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity” ( Websites are generated with several domains such as gov, edu, org and com. Unlike most sources, the internet is unfiltered. If there is any question whether or not the website is legit, then there is a slight chance that it may not be. There is slim to none on the control of what is being posted over the internet, so virtually anyone can create a website on any topic.

Wake County Human Services Website

Wake County Human Services websites provides a great example of what a well put together web page should consist of. The website is easy to navigate through and has different tabs on the left column to break down each specific area so that it can be accessed. Versus other human services websites, this website has the mission statement on the very front of the page along with the phone number. Having the vision statement and phone number on the website as soon as you open it adds...
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