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Middleboro Community Health Issues

Case Study

HCM 5102

Jordan Seidle
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Middleboro Community Health Issues
The county of Hillsboro appears to be a rural, and somewhat isolated, conservative community with some common healthcare related issues that are present in many other rural communities. Educational levels for community members are relatively low, and much of the workforce in the area comes from manufacturing facilities. Due to higher health related costs from manufacturing workers, along with a strong union influence, increases in the community healthcare costs are becoming more present. In addition to this, the more isolated communities within Hillsboro County have a disproportionate aging population who also has limited access to healthcare opportunites, which is not being addressed. Throughout this case, we will explore some of these public and community health related concerns in an attempt to identify what steps can be taken to improve access to healthcare, improved services, and other healthcare related issues. Demographic Issues

The community of Middleboro and the surrounding area has grown significantly in the past 10 years, but much of this growth has been in the other surrounding towns, giving the Hillsboro area the appearance of growth throughout. In the last 10 years, the average growth in the area has been 8.3% for Hillsboro County, and has been about 4.3% over the past 5 years (Appendix A.1). The highest growth area in Hillsboro has been the town of Jasper, which has grown 17.6% over the past 10 years and almost 10% over the past 5 years. Although it is not in Hillsboro County, Capital City has also shown a significant increase in population since 10 years ago at 10.8%, but much of this growth (8.5%) has occurred in the past 5 years.

The other communities in Hillsboro County have all grown at a slower than average rate than the rest of the county for the last 10 years, with the exception of Statesville, which has grown significantly in the last 5 years, and Cartersville, which has lost and regained its population over the last 10 years. Minortown has been shrinking dramatically, and Middleboro and Mifflentown have both been stagnant in their respective populations.

To determine what the expected population would be in the next 5 years, I took the change in percentage over the previous 5 years and added this to the current population (Appendix A.1). This suggests that Jasper will soon become the largest town in Hillsboro County, beating out Middleboro’s population as it grows. If the population of Hillsboro County increases by 4.3% again, which is consistent with the increase over the past 10 years, the entire county’s population will be approximately 143,000.

The age distribution within the Hillsboro County area compared to the United States is somewhat younger (Appendix A.2). Jasper also has a much younger population than the rest of the county, and Middleboro and also maintains a younger than average population, in comparison to the US and to the rest of the county. The smallest towns in this area, including Boalsburg, Carterville, and Minortown, all have a significantly older population than the rest of the county, and much higher than average compared to the US. Nursing Home Need Study

When beginning to analyze the need for nursing home or long term care facilities in various areas in Hillsboro County, the location of current (and planned) long term care facilities was reviewed (Appendix B.1). This assessment suggests that Mifflenville, Jasper and Middleboro all have access to long term care facilities, and every other town within Hillsboro County is within 10 miles of at least 1 of these three towns. The biggest concern, however, is that Jasper, which is expected to become the largest community within Hillsboro, only has 1 facility that provides long term care.

After reviewing the need throughout the county...
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