Health and Social Care

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Assignment 206: Understand the role of the social care worker.

Task A – Short Answer Questions

Ai Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship.

* A working relationship involves spending time with senior members of staff, colleagues and service users and the time spent together is strictly professional and boundaries must not be crossed. However a personal relationship involves enjoying a social life, spending time with family and friends and completing desired extracurricular activities. * A working relationship involves colleagues communicating and cooperating with each other in a respectful manner. Colleagues should aim to resolve disputes and conflicts appropriately, thinking about the conflict resolution process and adhering to the company’s grievance procedure. However if an argument occurs between those involved in a personal relationship then the disagreement would likely be resolved differently and not professionally. * A working relationship involves sharing information to only those who have a right to it and need to know it, such individuals are known as ‘agreed others’ and include doctors, nurses, advocates to name but a few examples. However the nature of sharing information is unlimited when involved in a personal relationship, the individual can choose how much or how little they would like to share with the other person.

Aii Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting.

* The relationship between a care worker and senior staff, including their supervisor, team coordinator and manager. * The relationship between a care worker and health professionals, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists.

Aiii Explain why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family.

It is important to work in partnership with individuals using the service and those surrounding...
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