Persuasive Messages Paper

Topics: Marketing, Consumer, Business Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Persuasive Messages Paper
The new advances in technology allow businesses to reach different customer bases. This includes buying and selling products over the Internet. The online shopping process is considered e-commerce. E-commerce is made up of different behaviors but for the purpose of this discussion the three discussed are consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-business (B2B), and consumer-to-business (C2B). The different behaviors have different mediums to reach their targeted audience. The message for each behavior persuades a particular audience to purchase a product using that particular medium. Consumers and businesses look to the web for cost-effective ways to sell and buy products. Consumer-to consumer (C2C) is a behavioral model that uses online communications to reach its consumer base. Consumers are not dependent on corporations and are looking to conduct their own business transactions. is an example of consumer-to-consumer transaction. They provide a service to consumers looking for employment and employers looking for applicants. Employers advertise on the website and potential employees contact the organization online for an interview and to download resumes for employers. The consumer is enabling e-commerce by offering employment opportunities online. Applicants respond to the application request by computer and scanning resumes to potential employers. This requires consumers to have access to a computer, a scanner or have a resume saved for download to companies. The sellers enabling actions requires the user to set up an account, businesses global job listings, and advertising to sell the potential applicants on service. The sender is an online employment website whose purpose is to provide job opportunities to consumers. The recipients are using the online technology to access global job opportunities provided by The medium used to reach this audience allows the consumer...
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