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Topics: High school, Exercise, College Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Imagine: It is the year 2040 and you are one hundred+ years of age. You are lying in your soft nursing home bed and you start thinking about your childhood. You smile while reminiscing in the warm memories of your past, like the times when you would play outside with your neighbor friends- playing hide-and-seek, tag, and the other “down and dirty games” that you enjoyed so much. Now you look outside your window back in reality. You see a tumbleweed roll by and a squirrel actively chasing its acorn, but no children are in sight. Letting out a sigh, you remember that this was your doing. The children of 2040 would have been much better off if you hadn’t let the P.E. classes in high school get cut out in favor of the academics, way back in 2012. Trust me, you do not want this to be your future.

You see, by eliminating P.E. in high school, you would be giving students the mindset in which personal health is unimportant, especially in comparison to academics. They would start to blow off all Physical activity, producing a school full of unhealthy children. Sure, their grades would probably be higher, but is it really worth it when you have a death risk from not exercising?

If you took out P.E. from highschool curriculum, not only would you be telling students that physical activity is unimportant, but you would be forgetting that some people make a living off of physical activity. You never know if the next Michael Jordan is attending your school. By keeping them from P.E. class, you are prohibiting them from discovering their niche, thus hiding it forever.

In conclusion, P.E. should not be eliminated to focus on academics. Physical activity and exercise us important, and if kids don’t know that, then how are they supposed to keep healthy? Also, by not exposing them to the world of sports, you may be barring a student from discovering what they really want to do in life. Now think about it. Should the student body be doomed forever? The choice is yours....
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