Persuasive Paper

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Chance Spencer
Marlene Brown
English 103-2204
Persuasive Essay
Climate change is a confusing term used by scientists to describe weather patterns. It refers to weather patterns that happen anywhere from ten to millions of years. Global warming is another term people use to describe changes in weather patterns. Many causes of weather patterns are from natural occurring forces such as ocean temperature, atmosphere conditions, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions. Human influences also contributed to climate change. The Artic Sea ice is very thick and melting rapidly. Also, it covers millions of square miles on the polar region. The glaciers go away when the temperature gets warmer. Solar radiation received by the Earth also causes global warming. When the atmosphere gets polluted from carbon dioxide more radiation comes through and harms people. Earthquakes and volcanos affect the climate change. When the volcano erupts, the ashes from the cone come out and poisonous gases explode through the environment. Human influences also contribute to climate change by increasing in the CO2 levels. Carbon dioxide is greenhouse gas. That means warm air is staying close to the Earth like in a greenhouse. The increase in the CO2 levels has been a problem over the years due to carbon dioxide. There are twenty-nine billion tons emitted in our atmosphere. Forty-three percent still stick around that called airborne fraction. Deforestation is big factor in how we contribute to climate change. Deforestation means our forests are being burned down for building cities and for farming. This is hurting our atmosphere and our animals, trees and etc. Weather related disaster is also a biggie in climate change. The three main factors are drought, flooding, and storms. Drought is caused by lack of precipitation over a long time. Without the rain, serious problems happen to the environment and people. Flooding is when the heavy rain overflows the river that also can...
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