Persuasive Paper

Topics: Human, God, Thought Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Keonna Roebuck
Ms. Paul
English 1
Persuasive Paper
“The universe is a good creation of God, and sees no evil in it. It is a cosmos-an orderly harmonious system. However, there are indications that he sees the universe in its infancy, complete in every form but growing to perfection and immortally. In the lord of the flies by William Golding, the beast in the boys on the island was their alter ego which is in everyone. I think mankind is essentially good because everyone is born good not evil. Then at the same time we have that alter ego that lures us into the bad. But as you can see I will have willing proof on how mankind is good not bad.

I am writing this persuasive paper not because it is a grade but to show you that mankind is essentially good. First mankind is good because we are social human beings but what makes it seem like we are bad is that us human being have different beliefs. But we like to treat the people that are different from us like for an example people with disease’s or mental illnesses badly that one reason what, makes us look bad but we are all good. But we humans aren’t born with feelings or emotions or desire. But basically we are looking for positive things for people to say to us and that’s one thing that lures people to doing bad. And I belief that we want to do good not because we want to but because we need to and that’s what makes us good.
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