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Dirt Bikes’ management is concerned about how much money is being spent on communicating with people inside and outside the organization and obtaining information about developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy. You have been asked to investigate how Internet tools and technology could be used to help Dirt Bikes’ employees communicate and obtain information more efficiently. Dirt Bikes provides Internet access to all employees who use desktop computers.  

Resource: Ch. 6 of Essentials of Management Information Systems  
Write a 1,500 - to 1,750-word paper that provides recommendations of various Internet tools that would help Dirt Bikes’ employees:  
·         Include recommendations for how Dirt Bikes could benefit from intranets for sales and marketing, human resources, and manufacturing and production.  
·         Propose at least three other tools that would be helpful. Describe the tools’ benefits for the employees and organization and describe the potential network effect.  
·         Discuss the concept of providing wireless access to employees from the perspective of employee benefits and the effect to the organization. Discuss the cost of wireless and its benefits.

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Richard Salamone
IT 205

Dirt bikes management is concerned that the money that is being spent on communications both inside the company and outside is being used efficiently. dirt bikes would like to find more efficient alternatives that would improve their various methods to gather information about their related fields. this paper will explore possible alternatives to Dirt bikes communications both inside and outside the organization that will allot them to become more efficient. In order for dirt bikes to see improvements in their communications, it needs to begin within the organization itself, if the organization cannot communicate properly than it would make much more difficult become efficient. one potential solution would...
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