Rin Detergent Case

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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1. Evaluate Leverʼs marketing planning and implementation regarding RIN from 1984 through 1988. Evaluate their positioning of RIN and use of the marketing mix to support it.

a. Marketing Planning Evaluation
Lever marketing strategy was designed to penetrate the laundry soap segment of Pakistan Soap Market with its Laundry detergent bar, RIN. The overall objective of the marketing planning was to differentiate and position RIN, a non-soap detergent bar, as a fabric washer that gives consumers a superior cleaning power with much less effort than what is currently obtainable in the market.

Lever ‘s seeks to gain an entry into the laundry soap segment where it currently does not have product offering. The Company hopes to capitalize on the success in its two brands of Non-soap Detergent powders, Surf and Sunlight, to grow in the Laundry soap segment with RIN.

The Action Plan element of its Marketing plan in relation to the marketing mix would include: i. Introduction of RIN with a media blitz supported by a Rs. 5.7 million budget ii. Entry through low pricing and gradually raise brand price as popularity increases iii. Stimulation of demand through various sales promotion and campaign iv. Distribution of its product through retail outlet across Pakistan v. Incentives (margin) to distributors and retailer to drive volume and guarantee shelve space for RIN vi. Differentiation of RIN through packaging

vii. Reliance on the female segment to drive sales volume

b. Marketing Planning Implementation
In 1984, Lever introduced a solid blue bar, RIN, into the Pakistani market in a package of 130 gram. The introduction was marked by media advertising that showed RIN being introduced from the heavens by thunder and lightning bolts to emphasize the brightness attributes of RIN.

The introductory price was Rs. 2.95 and the company used various promotion scheme that ranged from discount to...
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