Tide vs. Hammer

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  • Published: October 29, 2012
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Matt Ficke
Dr. Megan Gannon
English 151

Tide vs. Arm & Hammer

Washing laundry has been a part of everyday people’s lives for a very long time. However, what people are struggling with now is what soap to use. In todays world the top leading companies in laundry detergent are Tide and Arm & Hammer. The laundry business is a long term industry with roots tracing back before the invention of washing machines. Both of these products have been around for a long time and both are among the industry leaders. Both advertise and compete with each other using multiple forms of media. Both of these products advertise to everybody, because everybody wants and needs their clothes washed. All washes detergents are advertised seasonally, this mean different scents and different products come out in the spring and fall. The main thing these two companies have is the fact they both have widely recognized media and advertising campaigns.

The Tide advertisement includes all of these materials: Tide bottle, Tide logo, and black lettering. The advertisers use a red background which appears to be a rough side of a barn. This really shows how well their product softens and cleans towels. In addition, the red background also helps bring out the black lettering at the top of the ad and the small black lettering as well at the bottom. When viewers see this ad they’re going to like the fact that both lettering is easy to see and read. Also the ad includes a big bottle of Tide detergent, which is the main focus of the ad and of course the Tide logo which is known worldwide. I would say that this ad is directed towards single men and women, and parents. This ad is successful because of the simplicity of its and that Tide detergent has been around for so long.

The Arm & Hammer advertisement includes all of these materials: two Tide bottles, Arm & Hammer logo, and a white lettered title. This Arm & Hammer ad’s strength is in the title. It’s big, bright, and easy to see which it tells the viewer’s it’s cheaper and better than its competitors. In addition in this ad you have two big bottles of Arm & Hammer detergent. These bottles are big and bright and are the colors are light green and light blue. These colors are a strong point in this ad because doctors and scientists all say that colors have a direct influence on our emotions. For instance the color light green gives us the emotions of admiration, trust and acceptance. And the color light blue gives off the emotions of amazement, surprise and distraction. I believe these emotions help to make this Arm & Hammer ad successful, because you want you viewers and costumers to get these emotions when there around your product. I believe this ad is directed towards everybody in general, but it can also focus on just women and mothers sometimes. I do believe that the title of this advertisement and the colors that make up this advertisement, make it successful.

“Ones expensive and gets the job done, and one’s cheap and doesn’t” says my mom who has washed my football pants for the last twelve years. In her experience, the most expensive products are the best products. To her, apparently Tide is the only detergent that was able to get the grass and dirt stains out of my football pants. So this could mean that it might be an advantage for Tide, because there might be people out there like my mom who believe the most expensive product works. With that said, Tides high prices could reflect to this audience with its elite status.

“This stuff has been fighting to keep things fresh and clean forever, and it has baking soda in it, which is earth friendly, and not to mention it’s cheap” says my roommate Zach Kroeger, who has three bottles of Arm & Hammer detergent in our room. According to Zach all detergents have the same stuff in it and whichever one is the...
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