Shur Snak Case Study

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The main purpose of this marketing plan is to familiarize and define its industry competition and its marketing viability. It is believe that through this, different tactics and strategies can be employed to increase the sales goals of the company in a given location.

Marketing plays an important role in the continuing domination of the company among the different snack-foods available in the market. Shur Snak needs to maintain its different promotions which include nationwide advertising in the different media such as television, radio, billboards, etc. Through this plan loyalty of the brands among the customer’s needs to be strengthened. This can be achieved through product innovation based on the needs of the market resulting in customer satisfaction.

The target market consists of a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. Shur Snak products are meant for people of all ages. However, the focus is on penetrating the teen and kids segment. As such, while the nation as a whole favor the various line of snacks there is a high influence on kids and teens in making purchasing decision for such products. They maintain and possess the purchasing power and busy lifestyles demand food on the go.

Shur Snak products are mostly considered food on the go which can be categorized as convenient foods. Prices of these products are comparable to competition and are generally affordable. Shur Snak is devoted to a wide range of snacks for every budget. The goal is to consider a variety of the target market providing good quality snacks at affordable prices.

Shur Snak products are made available nationwide to the public through various marketing initiatives. Shur Snak is known for its wide array of snack foods that complement the needs and lifestyle of the target market that demands for convenience and foods on the go.

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