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Shan Foods came into existence in 1981 when it began operations from a single room as it was Shan Masala back then, launched full range of spices to cater to local public,due to its popularity Shan started exporting after a few years due to increased international popularity. But after sometime, the need to reposition the brand was felt. It needed to be repositioned as a food brand rather than a spice brand. Re-imaging the organization became necessary for re-positioning of the brand; it was a job well done and led to continued success of Shan on national and international fronts. The name of Shan Foods has become synonymous with highest quality and exquisite taste. . There are six broad categories of varieties Shan deals in including recipe mixes, plain spices, dessert mixes. Shan Food’s vision is “to be a dominant global player in food products and socially responsible company that attains its quality standards so that Shan stands for tradition trust and good taste." MARKETING STRATEGY:

DIFFERENTIATION OF PRODUCT: Shan is able to differentiate from its competitors through its added facilities of the V-look technology and the coal grinding technology is only an example to their dedication to provide nothing but the best to their consumers .It’s the world class quality that brings the blind trust of the consumers on Shan products that it will not only be hygienically prepared but would be secure from any harmful ingredients that loose spices offer. TARGETED MARKET: Females aging from 18 to 45 years compose the main target market of Shan Foods. This is because of the reason that in our part of the world, women are mostly related to the food and cooking. Hence, Shan Foods develops products that are according the needs and wants of these women no matter if they are stay-at-home or working, single or married ones.

POSITIONING OF THE PRODUCT: Shan Foods position statement is “To the confident and convenience seeking woman of today, our wide range of Shan spice mixes offer premium quality products, made with the finest ingredients like no other.” It is just for the fact that the consumers should be provided with solution of having a tasty meal in no time with homemade mixes of recipes and spices.

PRODUCT: The products of Shan can be broadly categorized into 6 categories, with multiple sub-categories. Looking at the product portfolio of Shan Foods, it is seen that Shan Foods has given is consumers an offering for every occasion and every type of taste. Be it traditional cuisine mixes like Biryani or an offering in the Dessert category; Shan has an offering to complement all the good things in life associated with food. The different product offerings of Shan Foods are: * -Biryani Mixes-

* Stir Fried Foods-
* Curry Spice Mixes
* -Deep Fried Foods-
* Barbeque-Vegetarian Foods-
* Instant Foods
* Khushbudaar Lehsan
* Zaiqedaar Adrak
* Khatta Khatai
* Qasuri Methi
* Karara Zeera
* Taiz Laal Mirch
* Taaza Dhaniya
* Zaafrani Garam Masala.
* Teekhi Kaali Mirch
* Khaalis Haldee
PRICE: The pricing of all Shan offerings varies and depends on each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).However, the price ranges for five (out of six) categories of Shan product offerings are as follows: * Recipe Mix: The Recipe mixes range from Rs.30 to 40

* Plain Spices: Pricing of Plain spices varies SKU wise. For example, 50 grams red chili powder is available at a price of Rs.20 and150 grams at Rs.115 * Dessert Mixes: Desserts are all priced at Rs.35

* Pickles Pickle pricing is Rs.170 for 1000 grams, pricing varies as per SKU

PLACE: Shan is easily available at all general stores as well as departmental stores. Shan Foods is focusing on the indirect marketing channels where they sell Shan products through retailers. Shan Foods is also available in 60 foreign countries. The brand is...
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