Culinary Tourism in India

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Culinary Tourism in India
What is culinary tourism?
Culinary tourism also know as Food tourism is experiencing the food of the country, region or area. Culinary tourism is not limited to gourmet food, but as getting of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences. Wine tourism and beer tourism are also regarded as parts of culinary tourism. Culinary tourism in India?

The market for culinary tourism to India is growing as the country’s culinary traditions continue to garner increasing international attention. Cooking classes, both formal and included in home stays, is a favorite activity among foreign visitors. India’s broad culinary culture reflects influences of Persian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. India is home to a multidimensional and eclectic mix of cultures resulting in a variety of food traditions. There is no single dish that represents the country; rather, Indian culinary traditions vary greatly from region to region. Northern Region

In the northern region of India, flat breads such as roti, puri, chapattis and paratha frequently accompany tandoori, or clay oven-baked dishes. Southern Region
The vast coastal regions and tropical climate of southern India influence the region’s cuisine. Dishes include dosas (thin rice crepes with savory filling), idli, rice and lentil cakes served with sambar or chutney. Northwest (Punjab) Region

India’s western region produces simpler cuisines and incorporates more of the country’s staple foods, such as rice and flat breads, into each dish. Peanut oil is frequently used in place of ghee, and vegetables are steamed instead of fried. Eastern Region

India’s eastern region has some of the most varied cultural influences in the country, including long periods of European colonization. Seafood, particularly freshwater fish, plays a prominent role in the local cuisine, as do various fresh fruits and vegetables....
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