Swensen Consumer Behavior

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3. Explanation of consumer behavior concepts and frameworks that can be applied to the business my group has selected

SWENSEN uses marketing concept because the waitress will ask for order from the customers then the waitress will serve the selected ice-cream flavor to them. SWENSEN has design to discover need and want of specific customer groups by repositioning the product or addition new market segment. For example they developed a variety of ice cream that they designed directly to individual with specific health e.g. strawberry sherbet ice cream low fat response directly to the consumer who don’t want any calories when they eat ice cream. SWENSEN has observed consumer purchasing pattern among age and gender also call Demographic segmentation by they designed ice cream for children. They use bananas as the doll and robot. Moreover,they designed ice cream for teenager as flowers. The next one is gender. Gender are most important to develop the product. For example woman want to eat ice cream low fat. SWENSEN assist the different usage by use the strategy that call Use - related segmentation by give gold member card for heavy user and silver member for light user.This strategy can make brand loyalty. SWENSEN use positive and negative motivation. They let the consumer feel driving force toward products or driving force away from products. SWENSEN made green tea ice cream to show the good healthy by represent the advantage of green tea. The next one is negative motivation, the consumer who want to eat ice cream without any calories so SWENSEN made a new look by made a special drink made from fruit but the taste same as ice cream

When people think of Swensen, they will think of a varity kinds of ice-cream, especially Earthquake. Swensen try to promote their ice-cream by using the happiness of eating ice-cream at Swensen. So when people see this picture they will feel good and remember this company. This kinds of strategy that Swensen use is “ product positioning “. Swensen company also create new favor and release new favor during season and festival such as during summer; Swensen release mango flavor. It is suitable for “ Consumer innovators “ who would like to try new things. Swensen’s owner is a foreigner, therefore, he will success or not it depend largely on each branches in each country. How well the people in each country accept Swensen’s ice-cream? If that country has high-consumer enthnocentrism, they won’t buy your ice-cream. They will buy ice-cream which produce from their own country. The better way is low-consumer enthnocentrism. Swensen also have a nice menu to persuade customer to eat. In the manu, you will see many nice picture of ice-cream. Customers will understand from seeing picture alone. There is no need to ask the waitress to explain each kinds of ice-cream for you. People tend to eat ice-cream only for the good flavor and nice color. Sometime different gender like different favor. Female may like eating strawberry flavor it might because most of them like pink color and sweet taste. In the contrast, male may love eating chocolate or coffee since black or dark brown are represent patience and strength. This kind of thing is match with the concept of “ Personality and color ” and also “ Product personality and gender “.

“Classical Conditioning” was applied for some products in this brand when Swensen’s ice-cream has a good reputation in the market and its new product line was launched out.
Unconditioned StimulusUnconditioned Stimulus
Swensen’s ice-creams→→→→Delicious and Quality

Conditioned StimulusConditioned StimulusSwensen’s ice-cream cake
And→→→→Delicious and Quality
Swensen’s yogent fruits

While the...
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