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The proponents wish to express their sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to the following whose assistance contribute much to the completion of this feasibility study. To Mrs. Teresita T. Dawan, our professor, who contributed much and guide us for the completion of this project. To our classmates and friends, whose in one way or the other have inspired and encouraged us to pursue this study. To our loving parents, who sacrifices shared their expertise and assistance, education and especially in financial problem. To our sister’s and brother’s our inspirations.

And above all, Our Almighty God, who deserves all thanks and process, to him be the glory, now and forever.


I would like to dedicate this humble work to those people who gave their support and guidance to us while doing and accomplishing this feasibility study especially to our ever supportive and beloved parents and to the other member of our family.

Jhon Lerry U. Tolentino
Pinky F. Gerochi
Mark Vergel F. Amano
Julie Anne Antonio
Henry Ortiguero
Maria Anna Lynda Pastelero


Pinoy Restaurant Bar, the reason why we choose this name because Pinoy Resto Bar are few place you can reliably turn to for a meal serves Filipino Cuisine that is excellent and innovative. However, is almost never a problem at citizen easily of the reloved and be respected restaurants in the province both among foodists and chefs combining impiceable service and a modern atmosphere. We also considered some services like for the celebration of the program like graduation, wedding reception, christening, birthdays and etc.

Pinoy Resto Bar

Restobar was established throught collaborative efforts and ideas of a certain BSHRTM students of Nueva Vizcaya State University Bambang Campus in Partial fulfillment of the requirements in Hotel and Restaurant Facilities Lay-out and Design. The dream of owning an extra ordinary accommodating and simple restaurant has finally come into reality. The proponents were Jhon Lery Tolentino, Pinky Gerochi, Mark Vergel Amano, Julie Anne Antonio, Henry Ortiguero, Maria Anna Linda Pastelero, who really worked hard to conceptualize the name, concept and the lay-out of the restaurant.

Resto Bar (Filipino Cuisines) was derived from different characteristics of two members.This group was a happy person they like a happy people to interact, their strategyis approachable to the customer, each of usis the one who give an ideas, who give moral support day by day.

This will cater Filipino Cuisine and exceptional service that will continue the tradition of a quality family dining at the hearts of Resto Bar. Resto Bar is a deep regard for our valued guests who will patronized our ideas and aspiration in putting up this business. An ideal restaurant that will evoke life’s simple joys, command satisfaction and inspire togetherness.

A. Name of the Business Enterprise
We choose this name of our business that came from our specified location that are owned by a partnership and help each other to plan all the needs of the business.

The location of the business is at Banganan, Aritao Nueve Vizcaya. The business is intended for the residents of the community and even to the foreigners because not all in this country have the same business. The lot measures 100sq.m x 20,000m2 and the restaurant expected to occupy the space that was intended for our business. The location was nice to the people who are not having a time for daily needs. It is located beside gasoline station (Save Oil) along the highway. The cost of this is good enough for the reproductive of the business because it is easily seen by target audience. The made location is in the main way so it is accessible for all the people.

Primary this project is intended for all the people and not in-line with any government advocacies. However, this way...
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