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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Chapter I


Nowadays, people are so active and mobile. The lifestyle of the youth is to have their meals in a fast food chains. The demand for business in food industry is so fast and customers are given several choices. Because of this business trend, our group decided to open a restaurant that will give excellent service and good food for one target customers. We want to provide a convenient place, so we chose Nuvali, Laguna as our location, because there are lots of Chinese residences there.

The establishment of Kimchi-ai restaurant will be created not only for profit but also help encourage number of people connected to the business enterprise as well as the community at large. Today, as we had observed, food house is considered as one of the most popular source of profit.

The target market or the costumer is not limited to the people that surround the food house but also to the people from other places who are passing by and to the residents who are near the area. At the same time if the product has a good quality, delicious and affordable price, and people will tend to recommend it to their relatives and friends.

Though this business can stand for itself, this study aims to analyze the feasibility of establishing a Kimchi-ai Restaurant located at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Statement of the Problem

A. Marketing Aspect

1. What are the factors considered in pricing?

2. How can we give the costumer good service?

3. How does distribution Process conduct?

4. How can we promote products all over the Philippines?

5. What is Market General Description?

6. How Does Historical Demand, Historical Supply Conduct?

B. Operational Aspect

1. What particular product will this restaurant sell?

2. What specific time span does this project cover?

3. What are some materials needed in making foods?

4. How can we keep our customers trust us?

5. Where is the project located?

C. Organizational and Management Aspect

1. Who will manage this restaurant?

2. What are the qualifications of personnel that are going to run the business?

3. How the management will run the business?

4. How many employees do the establishment needed?

5. What form of organization will you used in your project?

6. What are the fridge benefits provided by the business?

7. What is the compensation scheme given to employees?

D. Financial Aspect

1. What is initial capital requirement?

2. What will be the sources of the capital?

3. What will be the profitability of the business in terms of return on investment?

4. Will the project be financially viable?

Objective of the study

The objective of our study is To determine the owners of the business; To give the costumer good service; To know how distribution Process conduct; To promote products all over the Philippines; To know How Historical Demand, Historical Supply Conduct; To know what Market General Description is; To determine the kind of dish of restaurant; To know what specific time span does this project cover; To know what are some materials needed in making foods; To know where is the project located; To keep our customers trust us; To determine the qualifications of personnel that are going to run the business; To determine the management will run the business; To determine the numbers of employees the establishment needed; To determine the form of organization will used in our project; To determine the fridge benefits provided by the business; To determine the compensation scheme given to employees; To determine; To determine the factor considered in pricing which to provide excellent food and service, accessible location, very reasonable price; and To determine the initial capital of (P 900,000) from partnership contribution; To determine the sources of the capital;...
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