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Course Title: Research and Methodology
Section: I
Group: C
Submission of a Research Report
A Study On-----
Customer satisfaction level in communication issue in Airtel [pic]

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Research and Methodology
Department of Business Administration
House # 83, Road # 4,
Kamal Ataturk Avenue,
Banani, Dhaka – 1213

Subject: Submission of research report “Customer satisfaction level in communication issue in Airtel.”

Dear Sir
It is our great pleasure to put forward this report that you assigned us on “Customer satisfaction level in communication issue in Airtel.” which is one of the famous brands in Bangladesh. We have tried our best to bring about our research objective effectively. Under your supervision we have completed our respective job. In our observation we tried to find out the present situation and try to present in our report. By doing this report we have learned many things that will help us in the future and our executive life. This is a real life report so that we will always be available for any supplementary that may oblige. We are giving you thanks you again for giving us a chance and opportunity to present you a survey report to you and hope it will positively through a collectively of light.

Thank you
Sincerely yours


At this point we would specially like to thank those who had made it possible for us to prepare our report. Without their co-operation the completion of this report would have been difficult. First, we take the opportunity to thank The Almighty. Then we express our thanks to our department and authorities for granting us such opportunity in this level. Here we want to express our gratitude to the producer for pointing us in the right direction and for helping us to collect the required information. We would also like to express our thanks to the respondents the direction and the customer who has helped us by contributing their times and providing us with information related to the topic. We appreciate their consideration, and their consent to give the interview. We want to express our thanks to our course instructor Dr. MAMUN HABIB who had given us this assignment and helped us in all possible ways and directed, guided us properly in completing our report. His continuous support and re-enforcement has encouraged us to complete this report, through which we gained experience on real life research situation. Finally, all in all it was a wonderful experience to work as a team in doing this report on such an important issue. We hope this report shall of use to many researchers in future.

Executive summary
This report is prepared to meet the need of the “Research Methodology “course of BBA program. This is a research on “Customer satisfaction level in communication issue in Airtel”. Airtel is one of the famous brands of Bangladesh which specialty is providing tale-service in Bangladesh. Mobile operator Warid has been changed to Airtel. From now Warid user is Airtel user. 2oth December 2010 Airtel launch their program in Bangladesh. Airtel has bought 70% share of Warid Telecom and its new name is Airtel Bangladesh Limited. Airtel has developed there networking system across the country including rural areas for better service. Airtel is using same logo in Bangladesh which is also use in India for a global introduction. Airtel will give more facilities to its consumer. According to BTRC Airtel have four million users in Bangladesh. We made a closed ended questionnaire which is easy to handle and could be more relative with our objective. Our sample size is 50. We have chosen stratified sampling method to collect the information from our respondents. After collecting opinions from the regular customer of Airtel. We use SPSS software for our research to have a more a...
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