Measuring University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh

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Measuring University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh

August 27, 2012


Sr. Lecturer

Subject: Submission of Report on „ Measuring University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh


With due respect, we are submitting our Report on the topic titled “Measuring University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh”. It is our pleasure to inform you that we have already finished our report with the information of survey questionnaire that was made by your help. It was undoubtedly an interesting opportunity for us to work on this assigned topic to enhance our knowledge in the practical field. We would like to give you thank for giving us the opportunity to do the study. This report explores current situation and potential of “University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators” in Bangladesh. This report has been prepared based on the practical experiences obtained from survey and secondary research.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that you will appreciate our effort and we will be grateful if our report is accepted for the appropriate purpose.

With Appreciations,


All praise to Allah, the almighty, and the merciful. Without his blessing and endorsement, this report would not have been accomplished.

We would like to acknowledge and convey our heartfelt gratitude to the following persons. Without their close and continuous guidance, the completion of this report would not be possible:

1. First of all, our instructor S M ASIF UR RAHMAN, who gave us the opportunity to prepare this report to enhance our knowledge. He encouraged a lot and spared his valuable time to check my draft copies.

2. I would like to convey my gratitude to my team member who was always beside me to make my work a success.

4. Our family members and friends, they supported us in the crucial time and encouraged us to prepare this report.

5. Last but not the least, we would like to give thank all the respondents who participated in the survey and helped us to complete our report with honesty.

Finally, we would like to say adding some words that we have prepared this report from secondary information and survey. We am ready to accept all unwilling errors and omission that are extremely belong to us.

Executive Summery

Introduction of the telecommunication industry has been late in Bangladesh compared to that of the neighboring countries. The mobile telecommunication service has been doubling on an annual basis over the last two or three years. At present, there are six mobile phone operators in the country with- Grameen phone, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel and City cell. They are offering different new package and offers a value added services to satisfy the customers‟ demands. Therefore, there is huge competition among these operators. This research objective is to find out the University Students Level of Satisfaction for Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh. There are different factors, which affect the University Students Level of Satisfaction. This research aimed to find out critical factors, which mostly influence the level of satisfaction of the mobile phone users in Bangladesh. Network coverage, network quality, internet, tariff, customer care, value added services, bill payment system, promotional offers are the most important factors that affect University Students Level of Satisfaction. Airtel users are more satisfied with the tariff than Grameen phone users. All operators are giving some unusefull sms to the customer to inform news. Therefore, customers are highly dissatisfied with it. For internet service, the Grameen phone users are more satisfied than Airtel users Grameen phone users are satisfied with the network coverage and quality but the price is...
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