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Topics: Mergers and acquisitions Pages: 9 (2706 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Letter of Transmittal

November 28th, 2012
Mohammed Sawkat Hossain Lecturer, Department of Business Administration,
Plot No-A/2, Jahurul Islam City, Aftabnagar, Dhaka-1212
East West University
Subject: Submission of Assignment.
Dear Sir,
In accordance with your case study we solve that. It is of great honor and delight to us to present you our assignment, prepared as a part of the FIN 201: Business Finance course being offered in Fall Semester of 2012. The entire duration of preparing this assignment has been immensely helpful to us, giving us an opportunity to look outside the regular classroom and to the real world. Many lessons were learnt and a vast amount experience was gained. Developing interpersonal skills, searching websites and of course handling each and every detail with a professional attitude were just to name a few. Truly, this will help us in our future life. We would once again like to express our sense to gratitude towards you for giving us this opportunity, and sincerely hope that our assignment would give you immense satisfaction. We will always be available to respond to any queries that you may have in this regard. Sincerely yours,

Mohammed Nawfal Chowdhury2010-2-10-313___________________ Ifat Sharmin Tithi2010-2-13-007___________________

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Definitely all praises be to Allah. So, first of all, we express our deep gratitude to the Almighty Allah who created and nurture us in this transitory world. We also have to put our heartfelt respect and gratitude for His kindness and help that were provided to us to complete our assigned term paper on the CASE STUDY Then we would like to express thanks to our course instructor Mohammed Sawkat Hossain (Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University). His candid suggestion, patient, enthusiastic encouragement thought out the have made this attempt successful. His insight and invaluable remarks left distinct of the work. To his generosity, our gratitude is unbounded. We express our deep gratitude and heart full thanks to all of our friends.

Last of all we would like to express our thanks to the authors, researchers, article writers whose books and articles we consulted and friends who helped us in every stage of the report by providing valuable information and suggestion in respect of preparing this assignment.

Table of Content
Executive Summary v Title Page
1. INTRODUCTION ............................................6

1.1 BACKGROUND ON MERGERS AND ACQUISITION....... 7 1.1.1. Definition of Mergers and Acquisitions ...................... 7 1.1.2. Types of Mergers and Acquisitions ........................... 9

The pressures on the employees of banks around the world have been manifold across financial system deregulation, entry of new players and products with advanced technology, globalization of financial markets, changing demographics of customer behaviour, consumer pressure for wider choice and cheaper service, shareholder wealth demands, shrinking margins. In this scenario, Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are most widely used strategy by firms to strengthen and maintain their position in the market place. M&As are considered as a relatively fast and efficient way to expand into new markets and incorporate new technologies. Still, we can find many evidences that their success is by no means assured. On the contrary, a majority of M&As fall short of their stated aims and objectives. Some failure can be explained and justified by financial and market factors. On the contrary a considerable number can be traced, which has neglected those factors, which are related to human resources issues and activities. There are numerous...
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