Recruitment Strategy

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Title of Assignment: Recruitment strategy

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|Element |Page No. | |Title of Assignment |1 | |Table of Contents |2 | |Introduction |3 | |Task one: An recruitment advertisement |3-5 | |Task two: Assessment of recruitment policy and produces |5-6 | |Task three: Suitable selection methods |6-7 | |Task four: Conditions to retain valuable talents |7-9 | |Conclusions |9 | |List of References - Harvard References |10 |

Nowadays the global economic is declined, and at the same time the China’s economy has negative effect, so the competition in job market has become increasingly fierce. And our company is going to recruit an HR director.

This essay is being divided into four part, the first one is the recruitment advertisement of an HR director including the responsibilities, the requirements, the process and the offered conditions; the second part is the assessment of recruitment policy and producers; the next part is suitable selection method and the last one is the workplace conditions.

Task one: An recruitment advertisement
|Company’s details |Our company is the most important private enterprises specialized in animated design. Our | | |company adopts advanced management system and has strong technical power as well. We aim to | | |create a first-class modern high-tech enterprise which offers all-round quality services with | | |high efficiency, pragmatic approaches as well as honest business dealings. We intend to boost | | |the all-round development of social, economy and civilization with our products and services. | |Job title |An HR director | |Responsibilities |Be responsible for the implementation of the stock company human resources strategy and policy| | |design, and providing a comprehensive human resource support for the stock company strategy | | |and business development. | | |Planning short, medium and long-term human resources according to the company's overall | | |strategic. | | |Responsible for providing the company's human resource management technology including the | | |establishment and improvement of the recruitment system, the training and development system ,| | |the performance management system and the pay and...
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