Hr Recruitment Strategy

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: August 23, 2012
To recruit for the Employee Service Representative position Roundy’s will implement a more targeted recruitment strategy but will include minimal open recruitment. This will allow the company to pursue candidates that qualify for the Employee Service Representative position and encompass the necessary KSAOs. The recruitment guide and advertisement created to mirror the targeted strategy can be found in the appendices portion following the conclusion. Roundy’s will utilize these followings sources to carry out the proposed recruitment strategy: State Job Services, Employee Referrals and Career Fairs. - State Job Services: This method targets those individuals in urban markets which are underutilized and have a higher pool of available employees. The Employment Service is provided by Roundy’s with a set of qualifications required of the positions; ensuring the correct individuals is referred. The Agency and Roundy’s must maintain a stable relationship to ensure that job qualifications are accurate and communicated clearly. Roundy’s will utilize this source to obtain minority candidates for the position to ensure that EEO guidelines are followed regarding their hiring practices. As a recent study shows by the US Census Bureau, the population of Milwaukee is comprised of nearly 32% minorities. This provides a more than sufficient pool of potential applicants to be considered for employment (assuming necessary qualifications are met). The State Job Service source of recruitment will help locate those individuals that meet the KSAO requirements and refer them through to Roundy’s. - Employee Referrals: This recruitment source relies on current employees referring people they know for a potential new hire. This method requires that an accurate performance appraisal system be in place to measure the effectiveness of the referred new hire. Roundy’s will utilize this method to relish the advantages that come with such a source. The advantages of referral hiring...
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