Recrutiment Strategy and Job Offer

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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process
Organizations such as education, business and engineering all use diverse recruitment techniques as their operations transform and the demand for employees vary, based on the direction in which the organization is headed. This paper will study in detail business establishments and how they use their recruitment strategy to fill job vacancies. In addition, the paper will select and/or suggest which would be the best recruitment strategy to achieve the goal of drawing qualified personnel from within this industry. Finally, this paper will detail the process to be used in offering a job to an applicant. The first phase of recruitment is deciding on the need for personnel to fill current or future job openings. In business establishments, it is essential for a company to recognize whether an open or targeted recruitment strategy is effective, and to understand which one will succeed in meeting the company’s requirements. If there is no urgency in finding suitable candidates for the position, then a better option would be an open recruitment policy (Mesmer, 1999). For instance, if a company has to fill more than 35 vacancies, the only real option for it is to choose an open recruitment policy. The open recruitment policy helps in attracting a number of applicants including an assorted group of people (Heinemann & Judge, 2009). In this way, the organization can obtain pools of potential employees with differing standards of knowledge, skills, aptitudes & other characteristics (KSAOs) from which they can select to fill vacancies. “If a business is required to recruit as many people as possible within a limited period, a sizeable applicant pool often supplies a company with a good number of personnel to fill vacancies” (“Recruiting practices,”1995). Hiring via newspaper, television, job fairs, radio and media channels will attract numerous candidates needed to fill several vacancies in businesses. The possibility of skimming a...
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