Tanglewood Case 1

Topics: Employment, Employment agency, Staffing Pages: 8 (2415 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Running Head: TANGLEWOOD

Tanglewood’s Strategic Decisions
Cody Hobson
Upper Iowa University

Table of Contents

1. Introduction…..P. 3
2. Staffing Levels….P. 3
a. Acquire or Develop Talent….P. 3 - 4
b. Hire Yourself or Outsource….P. 4 - 5
c. External or Internal Hiring….P. 5
d. Core or Flexible Workforce….P. 5 - 6
e. Hire or Retain….P. 6
f. National or Global…P. 6 - 7
g. Attract or Relocate….P. 7
h. Overstaff or Understaff….P. 8
i. Short- or Long-Term Focus….P. 8
3. Staffing Quality…..P. 8
j. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match….P. 9
k. Specific or General KSAOs….P. 9
l. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality….P. 10 m. Active or Passive Diversity….P. 10
4. Conclusion….P. 10 - 11

Tanglewood’s Strategic Decisions
Within this report there will be comparisons regarding to Tanglewood’s competitors, their structure, employees, culture, values, and human resource functions. There will be recommendations throughout on how the organization should staff its operations, focusing on strategic decisions pertaining to staffing levels and quality.

Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent
Determining whether or not to acquire or develop talent is solely based on the amount of time and cost that the organization is willing to put into their new employees. In order to achieve the company’s staffing requirements, a theoretical gain within the staffing strategy would encourage the company to focus on obtaining new employees that are willing and able to be a self-starter by bringing their educational experience, knowledge, and professional experience into their new position within the company with minimal to zero assistance or training.

Within Tanglewood determining whether to concentrate solely on acquired or developed talent would depend on the department within the organization. Any form of leadership placement such as management, or supervisorial roles should have an acquired talent. They should possess a similar background with leadership skills pertaining to a retail setting by knowing, and understanding the overall objective as well as a thorough consideration for the products sold. In determining the position of ground level employees Tanglewood should consider developmental talent, because it is a ground level position training is essential for those new coming into the field. For example, high school and/or college students with minimal to zero experience within customer service, these applicants may possess strong attributes that will encourage success within Tanglewood but may need some training to excel in other areas that they lack knowledge and understanding. Hire Yourself or Outsource

Many organizations throughout are subcontracting their hiring conducts as many staffing agencies focus solely on piecing apart the best applicants for specific job titles leaving the strenuous and exhausting work out of the hands of the hiring company. According to Herbert Heneman and Timothy Judge, “Some organizations feel that the vendor will provide a better outcome of identifying candidates for the job then the organization itself can do. This is particularly true for small and midsized companies that lack a professional HR function. Outsourcing job placement requests may also provide advantages for legal compliance, as many vendors maintain their own procedures for tracking compliance with equal-opportunity laws” (2009, p.26).

Within Tangelwood there is considerable variation between regional managers in how they run their HR practices. The tendency for some regional managers to encourage human resources practices which are counter to the Tanglewood philosophy is a major reason that an external consulting firm had been brought in to centralize human resources. It is in the best interest of Tanglewood’s organization and its new employees to outsource their hiring practices to professionals that will...
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