Tanglwood Case 3

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The following report is phase 3 of the Tanglewood recruitment process consultation. The following report has six sections the first of which is a recruitment guide for store associates this can also be used as a template for other roles at Tanglewood. It also includes an analysis of methods of Tanglewood’s recruitment and acknowledges them as either open or targeted recruitment strategies. The next section includes an analysis of appendix B in the Tanglewood case book. The report also addresses the Northern Oregon Division’s concerns about referral programs. It also addresses the concerns of the Tanglewood top management about the recruitment method metrics. The last section discusses the pro’s and con’s of the targeted, realistic and branded recruitment messages.

Recruitment guide for Store Associates

A recruitment guide is a formal document that details the process to be followed to attract applicants to a job. The following page outlines a recruitment guide for a store associate position. This outline can be used to format recruitment guides for other positions at Tanglewood.

Recruitment guide for Store Associates

Position: Store Associate

Reports to: Shift Leaders

Qualifications: Customer Service experience
Retail experience a plus
Ability to work in teams
Ability to multi-task

Relevant labor market: Northwestern United States

Timeline: On-going

Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:

Post job on both company website and automated phone service

Request employee referrals

Post job with online job boards

Post job in local newspapers

Staff members involved:

Department manager

Assistant Store manager

Store Manager



Promotion from within is a very important aspect of Tanglewood. All employees start out as store associates. Therefore, Tanglewood must attract the top talent at the store associate level so they can promote them to higher level positions. The best candidates for Tanglewood to target are high school seniors and college freshman. This is because then Tanglewood will be able to train and develop the talents which they wish these individuals to posses. This will also promote brand loyalty because the employees will feel a sense of loyalty to the company if the company has supported them as they received their education. Tanglewood currently uses five different types of recruitment strategies. The following paragraphs will discuss the different methods and who those methods are targeting.

Tanglewood uses different media outlets to advertise their open positions. They use those outlets such as print, radio, and television coupled with individuals filling out a standardized job application. (Kaymmeyer 25) Along with the media outlets, Tanglewood has also placed Kiosks in their store for individuals to fill out the standardized application. These media outlets and Kiosks are seen by a variety of different people in a variety of different locations. This involves using very little effort to segment the market into applicants with the most desirable KSAOS (Heneman 212). This approach is also very passive and allows all who desire the position to apply. Since using the media is such a broad approach it is considered an open form of recruitment. By using this open form of recruitment Tanglewood is not targeting any group in specific. Instead they are trying to appeal to the general public.

Tanglewood also uses referrals as a form of recruiting. Unlike using media, referrals are a more targeted approach to recruiting. This is because instead of appealing to all who may be interested, Tanglewood is targeting those with the KSAO’s need to succeed in the job. Employees refer individuals they believe would be a good fit for the position, and in turn receive a $100 bonus. Employees are cautious of their own personal reputation so they generally only refer those who have the adequate KSAO’s. This...
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