Research Proposal on E-Recruitment in India

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Research proposal on
“E-Recruitment in India”
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* Introduction
* Statement of the Problem
* Research Objectives
* Purpose and Rationale of the Study
* Significance of the study
* Comprehensive Review of the Literature
* Research Methodology
* Research Design
* Sampling Plan
* Data Collection
* Data Analysis
* Chapter wise Schemes
* Limitations of the study
* Appendix- Questionnaire

Recruitment is an important tool in an organization's HR kit to make organization competitive in today's global market. The right recruitment strategies hold the key for success for any organization.

Today's Hr manager thanks to the penetration of the internet has a variety of technology enabled tools at her disposal. Gone are the days when the recruiter relied only on advertisements and referrals for finding the right candidate. Today's cut throat world with demand for highly skilled professional and access to the latest technology has opened a new horizon of opportunities for the HR manager to source his requirements from.

Penetration of internet has meant that the recruiter is now experimenting and getting results from the new sources of recruitment like social networking, job portals.
E –Recruitment refers to the process of recruiting employees by the employer or recruitment agency using web based tools
It can be defined as the implementation of technology that aids in the recruitment of new employees and also makes people aware about new openings and vacancies in a particular organization.
E-Recruitment gives the employer instant access to a large pool of applicants. It also shortens the time frame required to advertise a post and the waiting period for response from the applicants. Cost is one major factor that has led numerous organizations to implement E-Recruitment.

In the Indian context e recruitment is also making its inroads in the armor of recruitment professionals This is evident in the growth of e-recruitment portals like,,, etc Increasingly job portals are recognizing the need for offering customized solutions and value added services

According to Flippo:
" Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulate and encourage them to apply for jobs in the organization."
"The activity of using the internet to find new employees for campanies and organization, for example by employers advertising online and employees making job applications online."

Statement of problem:
knowledgable and good telented employees are not goes anyway to find a job for his qulifications. employees are always find a job with the help of internet is very easy.

Research objective:
The study is focused on achievement of following five objectives:

1. To assess the impact of e-recruitment in terms of quality of the applicants. 2. To study the impact of e-recruitment on cost and time taken for employee acquisition. 3. To analyze the impact of e-recruitment in providing a wider choice of talent. 4. To analyze the impact of e-recruitment on employee job search behavior. 5. To develop a model on HRSCM with a decision-support capability in an Internet environment....
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