Recruitment Strategies of Diff Companies

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Wipro has doubled cash incentives for each new hire joining through internal staff reference from around Rs 20,000 paid earlier to Rs 40,000. Rivals Infosys Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services too are doling out more incentives to encoura GE those on their payroll to search for and bring in staff. For HR honchos at tech firms, hiring through referral schemes means less trouble and an opportunity to hire ready talent. Over the next twelve months, India's over-$50 billion IT industry is expected to hire another 2,00,000 employees, much higher than the nearly 80,000 gross employee additions the industry reported last year. Infosys, for instance, sent a mail a few weeks ago offering double the usual amount for each staff joining through employee referral. Right after that, many Infosys engineers started sifting through popular social media networks apart from reaching out to their friends in the industry.

We had an employee referral programme at the Chennai campus and we were told that we would get 50% extra money if we manage to bring back ex-employees for senior level openings. But the truth is that this is a cost saving strategy for the company," says an Infosys employee based in Chennai, requesting anonymity. "The entire process was fun... some of us even logged on to sites like LinkedIn to track employees who left us and asked them whether they intend to come and join the firm again," he added. If the person is hired through a consultancy the company has to pay at least 33% of the total CTC to them. But when we refer we are given around 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Rewarding us actually costs less than picking up talent through a consultancy," says another Infosys employee. The referral money offered at Infosys was between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000, according to several staff at the company.

We are planning to hire 25,000 people in the current fiscal and among them, 18,000 would be hired through campus recruitment. During the interview process itself ask the prospective employee the reason for the shift from his previous job. This will give us a fair !dea of what the employee is looking out for and whether it will be managed by our org. * Give the true scenario of the org to the prospective employee. Rather than keeping things away from him being open to him about the working of the org shows a kind of trust which many employees yearn for. * As you are aware some companies ask for bonds and deposits. But according to me these steps can also backfire. So use it keeping in mind the present situation of the organization and the industry.

Early on, find the hot/pain /aspiration points.
b) Once ready, make a "trial offer " at the earliest .."IF we were to offer you this, by when would you be able to join...." c) test, test and test...
d) Get all the people in the loop and on the same plane.including the Manager the new recruit is supposed to be reporting to... e) Issue a clear offer only once you are sure of its acceptance, and make the acceptance come within a clear - and small - time frame.Follow that up with for copies of Notice, relieving Letters etc. f) Do ref checks - often ignored but will throw up quite "interesting things sometimes NOT do these via the same consultant who has proposed the candidate in the first place !! g) Keep the Consultant - if any - in the loop too ! the Consultant can help in many ways .. you just have...
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