The Role of Human Resource Department in Recruitment and Retention

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Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment & Retention
For all companies, recruitment and retention of personnel is a challenge and a goal for the Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Department must identify the qualities that are important in potential personnel and comprehend what qualities the applicants are looking for in a possible employer. In addition, the Human Resource Department has a responsibility to the company to ensure that once the applicant becomes an employee, the investment that is made in that employee will not be wasted due to high employee turnover. Large companies, such as Universal Studios that invest largely in time and resources in early training and constant programs have a lower turnover rate. What qualities are vital for cast members at Universal Studios and what programs does Universal Studios use to retain its employees? Universal Studios uses numerous avenues to recruit potential cast members including internet advertising, referrals, and print advertisements.  Once a prospective employee applies, the recruitment process is completed by recruiters, who then discuss the best role that suits the individual’s skills and desires, while focusing on the person’s potential to provide exceptional guest experiences. While an applicant’s skills are important to identify so that the applicant can be best matched to a position for which he/she is qualified, Universal Studios hires based on attitude, rather than aptitude. An individual with a positive attitude is more likely to spread that attitude to others and make an enjoyable work environment.  After an applicant becomes a cast member, Universal Studio’s unique approach to preparation and recognition programs contribute to its below-average turnover rate.  Key retention factors include providing knowledge, resources, and a supportive work environment. Whether the cast member is a waiter or a manager, the extensive training and support programs undertaken by Universal Studios...
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