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Topics: MySpace, Social network service, Computer Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Fast few days there are so many things happened in our community and also all over the world. Happenings that could brings our lives to danger. Most people who lived in this world were using what we called the internet. Internet is very useful to the students on this generation because of this modernization. Call centers agents, I.T students, computer technicians, and also all people who have the knowledge to use computers please be careful you life might be in danger. Hackers are those who have more knowledge to operate computers. All sites, like facebook, twitter, yahoo, and other social sites may be hacked because of the skills or technique of the hackers that all ordinary computer users do not know how to do this kind of activities. Well they had better skills in using computers and they know more about it because they are professionals. There is more computer activities is more WORST that where we could bring our lives in harm. Cyber bullying. Did you know if this activity will be allowed happen to us for sure many suicide accidents might be happened just because of this. Cyber Bullying is the most harmful activities in using internet. Because of this it may be cause of your death. Why? , Because all people who is living have different behavior and opinions. There’s girl who is using FACEBOOK. His father tells a secret of her daughter in a social site called FACEBOOK and spread it and read by different classes of people and she received a variety of comments regarding to her. The girl don’t admit what people’s saying about her so she thinks that suicide is the best to do to escape the pain of insulting upon her on a social site. That’s what we call Cyber Bullying.

The internet is useful to everyone but, you see many undesirable happens around us because of the internet which we think it is important. I don’t say that you stop using Internet but put up on your mind to maintain and be careful using the internet also to your computer.
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