Negative Effects on Social Networking

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Social networking sites are extremely popular and growing with users every day, but many people do not know the negative effects of these sites which will be explained in this essay .Social networking sites can harm you in many different ways, such as lack of privacy, time consumption and can also be a source of bullying. In September of 2012 a poll was done regarding Facebook’s privacy issue. The poll resulted in 13 million people saying they did not set or know about Facebook’s privacy settings. 28 % of the people who answered the poll said they keep their Facebook profiles open or public. These Privacy issues allow users of these sites to become more vulnerable to dangers such as identity theft, sexual predators and stalking. Social networking has influenced our lives a lot; we have slowly begun to use these sites more often. The average person spends about 10 hours a month on social media. Out of everybody who uses the internet about 43 % of them are using social media sites. People from 8-18 spend about 54 minutes a day on these sites. It has also been proven that school marks can decline if social networking sites are used excessively. Because of these sites, people have stopped going outside and choosing to just stay home on their computers. Social networking has definitely changed the way we interact with one another. Suicide has become one of the world’s most common forms of death; it has become the third leading cause of deaths among teenagers. Cyber bullying is a large contributor to these deaths because of its easy access to personal information and no parental monitoring. One in ten children have experienced cyber bullying and 25 % do not tell anybody. Cyber bullies spread around false rumors, trick people into revealing private information, post pictures without the permission of the person and directly insult people through messages. These social networking sites have done little to nothing on this issue. Social networking have been known...
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