An Invention That Has Caused More Harm Than Good

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  • Published : July 4, 2007
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An invention that has caused more harm than good
There have been many inventions that have come along throughout the years. One that comes to mind is the computer. Computers have been around for quite sometime now and throughout the years they have become more advanced such as new programs and the internet. The internet is one invention that has caused more harm than good. Reasons for this would be people getting addicted to certain websites, having stalkers and people hacking your information.

Addiction to the computer is a major issue. A person can get addicted to the websites that the internet offers such as myspace, xanga, or x-rated pages. Because the internet is available to anyone at anytime it can definitely break up a family because the person with this problem would do nothing but sit at the computer all day and not spend time with the family.

Stalking is an issue in which someone's life can be in danger. It is said that stalking has become a more major issue because it has increased over the years especially through the internet. Chatrooms and webcams introduce strangers to a person's life through cyberspace and stalking can begin to develop.

Computer hacking is when a person can steal information that people provide on the internet for various types of reasons. It is never recommended to put all of your information on the internet unless it is a secured and trusted website. A hacker can hack into your system, and steal whatever information is provided to them such as account numbers, or credit card information, even social security thefts for illegal purposes.

The internet is used everyday some for good and some for bad. The invention of the internet has caused more harm to others but it also is a necessity that companies need. Internet access is available publicly such as in libraries or schools and it is easy for someone to take advantage of it. Using it wisely is a decision that everyone can make.
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