The Widespread Use of the Internet Has Brought Many Problems. What Do You Think Are the Main Problems Associated with the Use of the Web? What Solutions Can You Suggest?

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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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Great changes have taken place in our life along with development of society. As far as I am concerned, the Internet plays a big part in this. First of all, with the opportunity of surfing internet or playing computer and video games, people have a more sedentary life style. Children no longer play games outside and get exercise but they spend time on the computer. This has had effect on their health and can cause problems such as obesity. Another problem is the negative effect on their relationship with their family. Internet access fills most young people’s time, and even their leisure time, so this is the cause of their disconnection with their family and ultimately can have an effect on their social behavior. A third problem is that not all internet sites are useful. Information is often not accurate and some sites are not suitable for children. Some internet sites like chat rooms can even be dangerous because you do not know who the other person is. As regarding children’s use of the Internet, the first solution must be with the parents. They need to limit hours that children spend on the computer and to encourage them to have other hobbies and pastimes. There is an important need for them to spend more time to speak with their family than an electronic connection. Parents should also encourage children to use other means of information in addition to Internet. To conclude, I would say that the Internet has brought many benefits and it will not disappear, therefore it is very important that we learnt to use it well so that we can reap the benefits and not the disadvantages.
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