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(a) It may be argued that the access to internet encourages people NOT to think.

The internet has provided us with instant access to vast amount of information, means to keep in touch with colleagues and friends almost constantly. However this has created a dependence on the internet which has its dark side.

The internet has change our way of thinking, scientific research suggests that the net is turning us into superficial thinkers. While reading something online, we are presented with a lot of distractions and interruptions, like hyperlinks and pop-up advertisements. People tend to copy and gather the data from the internet not bother to read and understand the contents. For example students having assignments to submit tend to go online and gather massive information put together and submit them without taking time to go through and understand the meanings.

People tend to comprehend less while doing online reading compared to printed pages reading. Moreover critical thinking, creativity decreases while doing things on the internet due to the mass of information at disposal. People tend to lose focus on their main task. Internet has made people to do more multitasking than concentrate on one task at a time. These leads to less productive work as doing to tasks simultaneously may result in errors. For example, you cannot talk to two individuals simultaneously.

Jake Vigdor and Helen Ladd are researchers at Duke University, North Carolina. In a study spanning five years and involving more than 100,000 children they discovered a correlation between declining test scores in both mathematics and reading and the spread of home computers and broadband.

(b) What are the parameters which define a minimum speed access to the internet? How much does it cost?

An initial transfer speed of 384 kbps was used as benchmark to define the minimum speed access to internet. However, countries differ in their definitions of broadband in as much as technological advances lead to redefining the minimum speeds.

Broadband is the backbone and one of the most important parameters defining the minimum access speed. Broadband is also referred to Bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the higher will be the quality of telecommunications (voice services, internet access services, etc…).

Reliability of providing the minimum set bandwidth is another parameter. There are bandwidth-hungry applications on the internet and for these, a minimum speed is required. Not only for the mentioned applications but even for enabling people to check their mails and surf on the internet, a minimum bandwidth is required. In some countries for checking mails and surf, a bandwidth of 256 kbps only is adequate.

Cost of telecommunication infrastructure is also a parameter in defining minimum speed. If the proper infrastructure is laid down (frame relay, fiber optic cables), we might have a much better minimum speed. For Mauritius, “As regards the actual capacity available in terms of outgoing international internet bandwidth, the latter stands at some 2,728 Mbps as at October 2010, having experienced a nearly twenty-fold increase over the period 2005 to 2010, as compared to 116 Mbps in 2005. In terms of total international bandwidth capacity which currently stands at nearly 3,390 Mbps in 2010, there has again been a twenty-fold increase compared to its initial level in 2005. This increase in international bandwidth usage has served as a boost to the various ICT related activities such as ITES-BPO, call centres, international voice traffic, and internet access among others. Government’s intention is to maintain this trend of bandwidth capacity growth through our its budgetary measures such as the SPV that is intended to be created and the open access policy that was recently defined to ensure connection to a second undersea cable link, in conjunction with the devising of an open access policy to the sole landing...
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