Internet Safety

Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: October 29, 2010
The internet today is a great source of information. It is also known as the super information highway because it is the number one source that people of all ages turn to. The internet is especially a good source of communication between family across the country or even over seas. There are a whole lot of good sides to the internet, but what I come here to talk about is the dangers of the internet and what you can do to ensure the safety of you and your family. As technology improves, more and more people begin to play with computers, exploring the possibilities. As the people become more and more curious to what the limits are with computers, they begin to break those rules and steal information from other computers on the internet. There are many things that a computer hacker can get from your computer, and the same amount of answers to avoid these situations. Some of these hackers can get personal information off of your computer such as phone numbers, full names, credit card numbers, home addresses, personal letters, and much, much more. To avoid this many things can be done. First, you can store all the personal information, not wanted to be accessed by unknown eyes, on a separate floppy disk or other storage object you might have. You can also buy a firewall from your local computer store to allow you to choose who does and does not access your computer. Although, your personal information should be concealed from the internet, it is not the most dangerous thing out there. Young children should be monitored at all times when accessing the internet. AOL is a good internet service to have with young children. AOL offers many parent control options to ensure that your child does not view items on the internet less than appropriate for them. AOL offers four different access privileges for every different age group. The four ages groups are kids, young teens, mature teens, and adults. If you choose the kids plan then your child can not instant message anyone on...
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