Questionaire for Training & Development Programme by Madhan

Topics: Training Pages: 3 (333 words) Published: April 11, 2011



1. Name:

2. Age (In Year)
a. 18-20b. 20-25c. 25-30
d. 30-40d. above 40

3. Gender
a. Maleb. Female

4. Martial Status
a. Marriedb. Unmarried

5. Designation
a. Managerb. Assistant Managerc. Supervisor
d. Sub-staffe. worker

6. Department
a. Productionb. Maintenance c. Stores d. Electrical
e. Securityf. HRDg. Quality control

7. Educational Qualification
a. SSLCb. HSCc. Diploma
d. Graduatee. Post graduate

8. If there any training program conducted for you?
a. Yesb. No

9. State which type of training method should be conducted
a. on the jobb. off –the job

10. Training Duration
a. One monthb. Two monthc. Three month
d. Four month e. above five month

11. How many days once to taking training
a. Dailyb. Two days oncec. weakly
d. Monthly e. Two months once

12. How is your improvement level of after training?
a. Highly improvement b. Improvement c. Average
d. Poor improvemente. Very poor improvement

13. Is there any safety in training time?
a. Yesb. No

14. If yes which types of safety
a. Fire b. Health c. First Aid
d. Insurance e. Others

15. Do you need any extra training?
a. Yesb. No

16. If yes which types of training
a. Technical b. Easily Handledc. Motivation
d. Mind level e. Others

17. Trainer Performance level
a. Very goodb. Goodc. Average
d. Poore. Very poor

18. Trainer and Trainee Relationship
a. Highly satisfiedb. satisfiedc. Average
d. Dissatisfiede. highly dissatisfied

19. State your overall training satisfaction
a. Highly satisfaction b. Satisfaction c. Average
d. Poor e. Every poor

20. A. Do you face any problem in your training period?
a. Yesb. No
b. If yes specify the problem...
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