Quality of Worklife

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QWL refers to the level of satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment individuals experience with respect to their line at work. QWL is the degree of excellence brought about work and working conditions which contribute to the overall satisfaction and performance primarily at the individual level but finally at the organizational level. Thus studying the quality of work life will help in understanding the needs and perception of the employees by the management and take appropriate steps to address employee’s concerns.


The study helps to evaluate the attitude of employees towards policies. •The study will be helpful in understanding the current position of the company, and provide some strategies to extend the employees satisfaction with little modification which is based on the internal facilities of the company •The study can be further used to evaluate the facilities provided by the management towards the employees. •This study also helps in finding the basic expectation of the employees and therefore takes Quality of work life has gained deserved prominence in the Organizational Behavior as an indicator of the overall of human experience in the work place. It expresses a special way of thinking about people their work and the organizational in which careers are fulfilled. QWL refers to the relationship between a worker and his environment, adding the human dimension to the technical and economic dimensions within which the work is normally viewed and designed. QWL focus on the problem of creating a human working environment where employees work co – operatively and achieve results collectively. It also includes. •The programme seeks to promote human dignity and growth •Employees work collaboratively They determine work change participate •The programmes assume compatibility of people and organization

QWL refers to the level of satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment...
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