Traveler Import Car, Incorporated Case Study

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Management Pages: 30 (7082 words) Published: June 26, 2012
| Spring | |2008 |

Executive Summary

Traveler Import Cars Inc is an ambitious venture started by two entrepreneurs Randy & Beryl, both highly qualified & immensely experienced in their fields. Till the time the business was small it was manageable as the two heads, Randy & Beryl made all key decisions & closely managed Traveler Import Cars Inc. As the business grew and further acquisitions took place, there seemed to be a large number of organisational & managerial issues, which were prominently hampering its growth & development. A management consultant by the name of J.P. Muzak was hired by Beryl to conduct a thorough need analysis in order to devise an interventions strategy for the firm to be able to perform efficiently again. With the help of confidential structured interviews with all managers, supervisors & other select members of the team, J.P Muzak put forth the organisational need analysis in the form of this report to the top management along with feasible recommendations to solve every analysed problem area. The report below identifies key areas such as leadership, motivation, conflict management, training & development, organisational structure & communication, which require to be looked into critically. In the first part, the report analyses the important problematic issues within these areas taking into account, policies & procedures that are currently being followed in the company, the feelings of the employees towards their jobs & work environment as well as supervisory & top management’s attitudes strengths & weaknesses. The second part of this reports gives constructive recommendations to Traveler Import Cars Inc. towards these identified organisational & management issues. The recommendations are justified with the help of universally accepted theories & practices, which are also stated in the report for reference. It is assumed that these recommendations if followed will be able to improve the functioning of the team and help avoid failures regarding the above key areas of Randy & Beryl organisation in the future.


|Sr. No. |Topic |Page Number | |1 |Introduction |4 | | | | | |2 |Organization Structure |5 | | | | | |3 |Motivation |6 | |3.1 |Recommendation |7 | | | | | |4 |Training & Learning |12 | |4.1 |Motivation Training |12 | |4.2 |Leadership Training...
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