Pros and Cons of Written and Oral Examinations

Topics: School examinations, School terminology, Linguistics Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: December 24, 2012
To a student examinations are always smth. like death. A lot of time is spent for the preparation. Some students learn everything by heart the other spend their time over technical details. The examinations are divided into two categories: oral and written. Written examination has a single invigilator who keeps an eye open for flagrant cheating. He may be helped by two or three assistants. To do well on an oral exam requires a rather different set of skills than those called for on a written exam. Most people find oral exams harder than written, but some really enjoy them! For some people oral exams are quicker than written. During written tests you already have the answers in your head, but then you have to spend two hours writing that information down. Sometimes the oral exam is an alternative form of examination for students with writing problems.. For the beginning I don’t think a written exam is enough to prove your skills. It depends on the nature of this exam too. If is about an exam let’s say for foreign languages only written is not enough. Writing can be easier for some people and harder for others and. to discover the ability of using a language is best to be tested in both ways: written and oral. The written exam proves the quality of language and the oral one proves the ability to express ideas, to answer fast and, make more logic connections.  People can get nervous when they are talking and mess their words up and look less professional. When writing you can look over your work so you know what you said and haven’t said. Some people like written exams because they like to be able to plan out their answers before writing it down. If they get something wrong the first time they may rewrite it.
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