Starr Testing

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Held back or moved on?
Students in school sometimes have a hard time passing their tests at the end of the year, as to what allows them to move up to the next grade depending if the passed or failed. The government however, feels that students who do not pass the end of the school year test should no longer get moved up to the next grade and should be held back. On the other hand I feel that students should be allowed to go onto the next grade even if the student has failed the test. I believe this because, some students may know the material but, just can’t perform it on the test due to nervousness. For example, let’s say a student has studied all night and day long for the past few days for the test and feels as if he is ready but, once the test is given to the student they just happen to forget everything they have prepared for. Also of course, there are those students who simply do not wish to learn. If those students are passes on to the next grade they will continue to not learn. This would be a waste of time towards both teacher and student. The teacher would then not really be able to help those who wish to learn. Another example such as a student that has passed to the next grade but has failed the test may then feel as if it is “okay” to continue their choices throughout school. Even holding back a student may not help because, they may wish to drop out due to low self-confidence and feel as if they are useless. The student may then have gotten offended enough to make them want to drop out. The student would then blame the school and not want to return. Students should be allowed to be passes up to the next grade even if the student has failed because, the teachers wouldn’t have to deal with those students who do not wish to learn for long and would have more time to focus and work with those who do wish to learn.
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