Why Is the Ability to Write Important?

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Ashley Allen
Elizabeth Lack
English 093
15 December 2011
Why Is The Ability To Write Correctly Important?
College has taught me the importance of knowing how to write properly. Being able to write in the proper manner has many benefits, not only in college but also, also later in life. Writing can be very complicated and boring, especially when it is not understood. Having proper writing skills is very important it increases your academic achievements and your career achievements .It enables people to extend their vocabulary and learning process.

Learning proper grammar and writing skills is very important. Some people assume that writing is a skill unworthy of learning. However, writing can be very beneficial in many area of life. Writing is an essential job skills, every career you can think of requires you to write at some point in time. The way a person speaks and writes says a lot about their intellect, someone with good writing skills is usually easier to understand. We tend to write in the same manner as we speak.

Writing requires hard work, the more you write the better you become .Writing in a journal often expands a person’s writing skills. A journal is also a great way to preserve memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. It also gives people the ability to express feelings they are unable to express by speaking them .Writing can be a form of freeing yourself from the everyday stresses of life.

Writing skills are vital, because communication is key .Writing makes thinking visible, it stimulates your mind and allows you to get your point across efficiently. It also is a great way to give feedback and receive feedback .Writing is the best tool for learning new material; it seems to stimulate the memory section of the brain. Writing is also a great tool for persuasion, it allows you to get the facts and your point across, and we see this all the time in the political world.

People need to understand the value of being...
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