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Answer Paper for Science and Technology - II - Paper 4
Time: 2.0 Hrs.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Max. Marks: 40 Note 1). All questions are compulsory.
Note 2). All questions carry equal marks.
Note 3). Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Important note from - In this 'Answer paper', questions are displayed for your convenience. In actual exam, do not write the questions. Only answers are expected in answer paper.

1A. Complete the following statements by choosing the proper alternatives from given below and rewrite the complete statemets in your answerbook.
1. Transgenic Indian mustard plant is claimed to soak up . . . . . . deposits. a. copper
b. sodium
c. selenium
d. arsenic
Transgenic Indian mustard plant is claimed to soak up selenium deposits. 2. Chewing of tobacco leads to . . . . . cancer.
a. oral
b. lung
c. breast
d. stomach
Smoking and chewing of tobacco leads to oral cancer.
3. . . . . . . prevents dental caries.
a. Chlorine
b. Iodine
c. Bromine
d. Fluorine
Fluorine prevents dental caries.
4. Direct measures of population control include . . . . . . a. open heart surgery
b. awareness about the idea of birth control
c. promotion of women’s education
d. sterilization operation
Direct measures of population control include sterilization operation.

1B. Match the correct pair from coloum 'A' and coloum 'B' and write correct pairs in your answerbook. -----(2)

Column A (Foodstuff) - Science II - Paper 4 - Page 1 of 12

Column B (Nutrient)

1. Carrot

(a) Vitamin D

2. Ultraviolet rays

(b) Vitamin K

3. Vegetable oil

(c) Vitamin A

4. Spinach

(d) Vitamin E

Column A (Foodstuff)

Column B (Nutrient)

1. Carrot

Vitamin A

2. Ultraviolet rays

Vitamin D

3. Vegetable oil

Vitamin E

4. Spinach

Vitamin K

1C. State whether following statements are True or False.
1. Schisto-somiasis is caused due to presence of cyclops.
Schisto-somiasis is caused due to presence of snail.
2. 'Transforming principle' in Griffith's experiment was later identified as DNA. True
3. Alkanes are called paraffins.
4. Metals like Pb, Cd, Hg are carcinogenic.
Metals like Pb, Cd, Hg cause anaemia, damage to RBCs, liver and kidney infection.

1D. Find the odd man out in each of the following :
1. Calcium carbonate, Ferrous sulphate, Copper sulphate, Plaster of Paris Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate is a carbonate while others are sulphates. 2. Petroleum, Methane, Benzene, Coconut oil
Coconut oil - Science II - Paper 4 - Page 2 of 12

Coconut oil is a general plant product while the others are hydrocarbons 3. Night blindness, Beriberi, Pellagra, Goitre
Goitre is caused due to deficiency of iodine while others are caused due to the deficiency of vitamins. 4. Blue vitriol, Sodium carbonate, Benzene, Sodium chloride. Benzene
Benzene is an organic compound; others are inorganic compounds.

2A. Give scientific reasons. (any two)
1. Nails should be kept clean and cut short periodically.
Dirt will lodge under the nails if they are not cut short. Nails should be cleaned periodically so that any dirt accumulated can be removed and possible infection can be avoided. Hence, nails should be kept clean and cut short.

2. Excessive intake of food calories should be avoided.
High calorie diet leads to Obesity
Obesity acts as a positive risk factor in developing conditions like Hypertension
Gall bladder disease
Coronary heart disease
Hence, excessive intake of calories should be avoided.
3. Consumption of contminated turmeric is dangerous.
Generally, turmeric is coated (adulterated) with lead chromate. Lead is a toxic element and it brings about pathological changes in kidneys, liver and arteries. The common signs of lead poisoning are - nausea, abdominal pain, anaemia, insomnia,...
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